Time Space Adventurers

This is the story about a Time Space Adventure - we are calling it the Gaia Game.  Start with the premise that we are each designing our personal life experiences. Everything happens as you imagine and believe it to be.

The Premise

The Art of Intentional Creation is a learned skill, that is what being a Time Space Adventurer and a Designer of Reality is all about.

We are not here simply to witness Creation - we are the Creators.

A new version of Reality is available to you where you are an unlimited non-physical being having a physical Time Space Adventure. Most of us believe we are only the physical character we have imagined into being. That entity is only a very small part of the powerful creative being you actually are. If you are willing to open your consciousness to begin experiencing the world in this way, a life of intentionally shaping wonderful adventures will open to you.

Welcome to a new adventure. (see next video HERE) It is a story where you take intentional control over what happens in your day to day life.

Regardless of what your current life situation is, you can LEARN to alter the reality of your daily life.

Scenario of the Gaia Game Report

From Deepak Chora's book, METAHUMAN:
"Somewhere in prehistory Homo sapiens crossed over into virtual reality, when a mind-made simulation became essential in our evolutionary path. The exact era will never be known, or the reason, if any, why one species should acquire such powers and know that it had them. No other species tells stories and convinces itself that they are true. There are many mysteries in our past. Somehow, following whatever tortuous path, we managed to make our simulation so convincing that we got lost in it."  

We are at the point in time space where Creation is taking place. You are the Designer of Reality™. The question is, are you doing it intentionally or are you on a kind of auto-pilot simply responding to the world around you?

In Spiritual terms is has been called "waking-up" or "enlightenment". It is the personal realization that your consciousness is imagining everything that you believe to be real into being.

Your personal experience of Reality has been shaped by all of your life experiences and what those around you believe. However, you can learn how to transform your world into an ever more satisfying experience by redefining your beliefs. You must learn to discipline your thinking to consistently focus on your desired path. This is your highest pursuit and is a crucial next step in the evolution of our species.

Next Steps

Meditation is a good way to expand consciousness

(1) Text GAIAGAME to 44222 to download The Gaia Game Overview. Go next to The Gaia Game Page for an introductory video and additional information..

To begin experimenting with your ability to use your mind to transform what happens in "reality" please get a copy of E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.
E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality
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