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Since this may be a new concept to many of you, some explanation may be useful. The two scenarios are connected in a story in which you are already a player. The only question is if you recognize that you are playing a part in a story that for the most part, you are concocting. Most people at this point in time believe they are observing the world around them as something separate from themselves. You may not believe that you are designing your "reality" and that it is simply a mirror of your predominate beliefs. You may even think that you need to deserve a good life to have one.  

In reality you were born worthy but some people must work very hard to feel deserving. While it is not necessary, these individuals will need to work hard so they can feel they deserve what they want. Do you believe you need to pay a price for success? That is what most others would have you believe because they believe it. They may even think their efforts or those of their families make them superior to you. None of this is true.  

It may seem frivolous to you to say that you are "in reality" playing a part in a story that you are making up. You can be assured that there is no REALITY for you beyond what you believe it to be. It is not anything real in fact. It is a fiction - like a waking dream - in your mind. It seems very real of course because you and most everyone around you have agreed to play a similar game with similar rules. However consider that everyone you know has a slightly different set of beliefs - all of which they believe to be true and an expression of reality.  

In the same social group there is great pressure to have at least similar beliefs but I am sure you can always find people whose ideas you strongly oppose. Are they wrong? You might say yes from your perspective but from theirs, you are the one who is wrong. We would suggest that there is no wrong or right. There is only choice and belief. You are not evaluating and judging the world around you, you are creating it. You will create whatever life for yourself that you are willing to believe in.  

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To get more information get a copy of the handbook for the game, Karuna Hum - A Reality Design Handbook (this is a combination package combining the book in a couple of formats (epub & pdf).
Karuna Hum - A Reality Design Handbook
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